What is Going ON?

Hey friends!

Sorry I didn’t post a lot of stuff last week. I was indulging in my new obsession, applying for post-grad jobs. This is a terrible, unsatisfying obsession, so I decided to leave the blizzard of cover letters for long enough to come back and hang out with you all. I can never decide if I like blogs that addresses readers directly, but I like the way it makes it feel like the people who write on this site aren’t so pompous that they can’t break the 4th wall and let you know what’s going on.

Though I’ve often noted that blogging is two parts best laid plans and one part apologizing for flaking on those plans, we should be back to regular posting from here. I’m looking forward to new writers, and also — as always! — looking for new writers. If you want to join the conversation on crushes or are just really mad that Chuck and Blair aren’t together (why!?) and need to vent about it, shoot me an email.

We also need to thank Girl Next Floor for the Liebster Blog Award she gave us on her blog Softer City! She calls us her “favorite multi-author blog of the moment.” Thanks, and thanks for reading! Check her out, as well as the other blogs upon whom she bestowed the honor. We’ll be sure to pass it along!

We were going to do a formal launch-type situation on here, but as I can’t even keep it together enough to tweet regularly, for now we’ll just proceed as we have. Because it’s been awesome. Thanks everyone for reading, writing, and not getting super mad at me when I fail to post things for an entire week even though our writers are presenting really good work. Now I’ll stop whining and get that good work out there for reading, discussion, and comments. (Thanks, commenters!)

Slackadaisically yours,


P.S. Isn’t that poster cool? You can buy it on Etsy here.



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