Why Nicki Minaj Kind of Freaks Me Out

Look at the picture to the left, and who do you see? Well, you say, that’s Nicki Minaj.

At first blush she’s your typical pop star. Airbrushed, exposed, luscious, sexy —  all the things that society tells women that they should be. If you look at some of her other pictures that come up on Google, she has a fantastic body in addition to her beautiful face.

So what’s your deal, Gina? Why you make a post about how this obviously gorgeous woman gives you the heebie jeebies? Well, simply put: It’s because I’m attracted to her.

My first exposure to Minaj was through her appearance on Ellen Degeneres’ show. Freaking adorable. I loved the way Minaj interacted with the talented youngsters, how she dropped everything to come on the show and meet them, and how she encouraged them to pursue music but to stay in school. So, I figured, you know, this lady seemed like a class act. Keepin’ kids on the right track, doin’ some music…and I can respect someone who changes her hair color with every outfit.  I had to admit that Superbass was hella catchy. What the hell, I thought, I’ll give her a shot.

Holy shit. Delving into the world of Nicki Minaj is like seeing all the horrible youth fetishism of our culture smushed into one horrifying example.

Take her video Superbass. The entire 3:39 minute debacle is a mix of absurd sexuality and absurd childishness. The barbie car, the expressions on her face,  the hot pink — everywhere. She juxtaposes things that we associate with being a kid with things that we consider to be sexual (the slow pouring of liquid on her breasts, the lap dancing, etc.). She is hybridizes being a kid and being sexual. This extends beyond Superbass. Her doe-eyed, incredibly expressive childlike face is a part of her core “image.” And so is her sexual nature.

This melding of childhood and sexuality becomes even more apparent in her recent appearance with Big Sean in his video Dance (A$$):

She looks like a kid. She looks like a kid that’s backed up on Big Sean. Nicki Minaj’s entire sexual appeal comes from the fact that she’s got a child’s face on a woman’s body.

It freaks me out.

It violates my delicate kids-aren’t-sex-objects sensibilities.

Now, if Nicki Minaj wants to sexualize herself, that’s fine. I will enjoy looking at her beautiful skin and wonderful ass as long as she wants to shake it. She’s hot, and she has every right to flaunt it. But the fact that she chooses to sexualize herself by looking and acting as much like a child as possible disturbs me. There is a line between accepting youth fetishism as an inescapable part of beauty in our culture (which it is) and actively perpetuating it. Minaj does the latter.

Most upsetting is the fact that all of this works. Who reading this wouldn’t agree that Nicki Minaj is sexy? We are attracted to her, and she looks likes a kid. She knows this and uses it — and that just disturbs me.

2 thoughts on “Why Nicki Minaj Kind of Freaks Me Out

    • I think the largeness of her eyes is the biggest part. The way she enhances that aspect of her feature, paired with her facial expressions and other gestures (especially in Superbass) further cement this.

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