The Five Best “Twilight” Video Parodies

As one of the most prolific and well-known series across the globe, “Twilight” has spawned many fans – and many foes. So if you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy laughing at “Twilight” more than you actually enjoy “Twilight.” Thankfully, we’re not alone! Over the years, thousands of parodies have been inspired by this popular series, and given watchers tons of enjoyment. So instead of you having to weeding through the thousands and thousands of pages on YouTube tagged “Twilight,” I did it for you! Here are the best of the best.
5) “Twilight”…with Cheeseburgers

The story: The video pretty accurately follows the original “Twilight” trailer except for one notable exception: instead of Bella, Edward falls for a cheeseburger!
Why it works: It’s a great commentary on how ludicrous it is that Edward so quickly falls in love with Bella, and it will have you laughing out of disbelief.
Professionalism: It’s pretty well- made for amateurs in terms of video editing, but the costumes and makeup are sub par. That almost makes it funnier, though, when you see “Carlisle” pretending to be serious in a wig that obviously doesn’t fit him!

4) The Jersey Shore Version of “Twilight” (Friggin’ “Twilight”)

The Story: Snookie and team mock the most notable characters in the first three “Twilight” movies, while putting their own Guido/ Guidette spin on the story. Edward is played by The Situation, Pauly D is Jacob, and the other cast members fill in supporting roles.
Why It Works: It’s the perfect blend of staying somewhat true to the movies and a lot of Jersey Shore traditions. You might not know much about the “Twilight” series, but you know enough that “Jacob” shouldn’t be living in a doghouse and “Bella” shouldn’t be downing shots of tequila while Edward fights Victoria. But my personal highlight was watching a bloodthirtsty Ron/ Jasper punch Snookie/ Bella in the face.
Professionalism: This was originally made for Jimmy Kimmel Live, and what makes it is that this is the actual cast of “Jersey Shore”. Costumes range from realistic to absurd; while I didn’t even recognize The Situation as Edward thanks to his fluffy wig, I was shocked to see J- Woww not changing a bit to play her role as Bella’s friend and guide.

3)  “Twilight”’ Cast Gives Sneak Peek at ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 2’!

The Story: Aired on “The Ellen Show,” this version of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” centers on the Cullen family gathering to celebrate Bella and Edward’s one- year anniversary, when a woman from Edward’s past, Linda (played by Ellen DeGeneres), shows up and wreaks havoc on the entire family.
Why It Works: Ellen DeGeneres spouts out so many amazing lines that I had to watch it five times to actually make it through the video without laughing hysterically. It’s great to see the “Twilight” cast making fun of their story, and with Ellen’s added wit and humor, it’s definitely one to watch. Example: Ellen to Taylor: “Hey, didn’t I see you at a Taylor Swift concert? Weren’t you trying to imprint her?”
Professionalism: Although there are no props, costumes, or blocking, this version gets extra points since it is acted out by the actual cast of the “Twilight” movies, plus Ellen DeGeneres. Thanks to giggling cast members (seriously – Kristen Stewart laughs) and shocked faces from Robert Pattinson, there’s almost no degree of seriousness, but that’s what keeps it fresh and funny.

2) SNL Digital Short: Firelight (NBC doesn’t allow embedding, video at the link)
The Story: Originally aired as a Saturday Night Live Digital Short, this mock trailer follows Taylor Swift’s Bella lookalike (“Stella”) falling for – not Andy Samberg/Edward Cullen – but Bill Hader/Philip Frank, a progeny of Frankenstein.
Why It Works: This story centers around the fact that, while Stella is attracted to Philip Frank, she can’t quite be with him because he and his family (“The Franks”) have a tendency to strangle people. It’s an excellent interpretation on the unique physical situation between Bella and Edward.
Professionalism: With fabulous costumes, quality special effects, and the same music and text used to create the original “Twilight” trailer, this mock trailer stands on the ground that it could really blend right into anyone’s cinematic experience these days.

1) Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show

The Story: Staying relatively true to the storyline of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, this story uses well- known songs to personify the situations occurring. A highlight is Jacob randomly appearing to sing “(Give Me Everything) Tonight,” originally by Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack. For her part, Bella is constantly singing Gaga’s “Marry the Night” … Except it’s “Gonna marry Edward.”
Why It Works: The music adds an unexpected and hilarious twist. You are constantly excited to see what song they’re going to choose next, and the surprises had my friends and I constantly bursting out in laughter.
Professionalism: This video is shockingly well- made – the sets, costumes, and makeup are extremely similar to the movie’s, and the credits that are almost as long as the video prove that this was not made spontaneously over a weekend. Most of the signing is lip- synching, but the change between “Marry the Night” and “Marry Edward” is so flawless that it’s clear that there’s singing talent.


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