I Love Award Shows: The Oscars!

Every year, award show season goes out with a bang with my personal favorite: The Oscars! I love watching the red carpet preshows on E! and was lucky to catch every. Single. Minute. this year, from Darren Criss’s duet with Kermit the Frog, to “The Dictator” aka Sacha Baron Cohen spilling Kim Jong Il’s “ashes” (Bisquick?) on Ryan Seacrest, to the starling amount of Hunger Games spots on commercial breaks. This what people are going to talk about at the watercooler the next day, and the show hadn’t even started yet!

Of course, the red carpet is a design for actors and actresses to fill in their interviewers on how excited they are “to simply be nominated” and that “just being here is a dream come true.” It’s also a great chance to pass judgment on some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, and is a truly phenomenal feeling when you see a knockout lady wearing a really awful dress. For one moment, you look more fab than her in your plaid pajama pants. There weren’t many obvious misses this year (though I do have to say Emma Stone was a disappointment) – my personal favorite dresses were worn by Stacy Kiebler, Angelina Jolie, and Natalie Portman.

…And just like that, six hours of my life were sucked away and it was time for the main event!…which Billy Crystal totally brought down. I knew I wasn’t going to love him as a host, but really, Academy? Clearly a lot of work was put into the opening song, but I could barely hear it over the band. The opening really seemed to age the show – despite Justin Bieber being present for all of ten seconds to help Billy get that “18 to 24 demographic.” I felt like Billy Crystal has seen better days. Maybe nine times hosting is too many for anyone.

The beginning of the show is of course peppered with a few serious categories (you go, Octavia!) and a lot of what-the-hell-does-this-even-mean awards (sound mixing vs. sound editing, anyone?), most of which went to “Hugo” this year. I did like how the awards were presented – various people associated with the movie talked about how the nominee impacted the movie. There were some very heartfelt moments in those, which almost made me interested in who was winning. I said almost.

The only thing that I was really invested in was the fact that “Harry Potter” did not win any of the awards it was nominated for, which if you ask me was already too few. Presenters kept it interesting – the cast of “Bridesmaids” brought back the “Scorsese” drinking game by downing mini bottles in the middle of presenting the year’s best shorts. Zack Galifanakis and Will Ferrell woke up the award show with their cymbal “performance” before introducing best original song, and Emma Stone stole the trending topics when she invited Jonah Hill up on stage to dance with her. We didn’t get a funny host, but we can thank the lively presenters for keeping me glued on The Oscars, and not switching to “Aladdin” on ABC Family.

I believed I knew who was going to win, so it was a refreshing twist to see that the Oscar predictors aren’t always right. Both best actor and best actress did not go to who was expected, but I think they both went to good people. A lot of people are disappointed that Viola Davis didn’t win, but I think Meryl Streep’s performance was flawless and deserving of recognition. (Also, she’s won 3 out of 17 times! Stop saying that she always wins, people! Simply not true.) Her speech reminded me of why she was so truly deserving of that award – it was one of the best of the night. It was funny and touching, and never overly saccharine. However, I loved that she thanked her husband first, and then her makeup artist. Way to prioritize, Meryl!

“The Artist” won five awards at The Oscars, and was deserving of them all. Best picture, best director (Michel Hazanavicius), best actor (Jean DuJardin), best costume design, and best soundtrack all went to that shockingly amazing silent, black and white film. I am one of the lucky people who have been privy to that amazing treat of a movie, and I left the theater thinking that it was my favorite movie of the year. “The Artist” winning best picture marks the first time since 2003 (when “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” won) that my favorite movie of the year and the best picture have matched up. After a year like last year, when I was yelling at the TV every ten seconds in rage, it was great to see some excellent films that really pushed boundaries get recognized. All in all, I think it was a great year. Only about 364 days until the next Oscars! I’m already counting down!

Were you happy with the winners this year? Who wore your favorite dresses? What was your favorite moment? I want to hear about it in the comments!

Till next year, folks!


2 thoughts on “I Love Award Shows: The Oscars!

  1. I didn’t really care about any movies this year, but the dressssesss! LOVED Octavia Spencer’s, haaaated Melissa McCarthy’s. What is with those weird sleeves?! It could have worked without the sleeves. They made her wear a sleeved version of the strapless bridesmaid dress in the movie too, what is up with that? America, get over your fear of non-twig arms. Not that scary.

    I also loved Maya Rudolph’s dress, and I’m glad Kristen Wiig finally found some girlfriends to tell her you can’t wear a necklace with a high-necked dress. Where were those ladies at the Golden Globes?

    • The Golden Globe dresses were, in a word, horrific. I did not like any of them, really, except Stacy Kiebler’s (I’m becoming more and more convinced that she can do no wrong). I was disappointed in Melissa! I really wanted to see her looking flawless, but she just looked huge and washed out 😦 I was really rooting for her!!

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