Keep Procrastinating, It’s Good for You

It’s happened to everyone: You have a huge paper due Monday, a test Tuesday, and a massive group project at the end of the week. This week literally counts for 50% of your grades this semester. And yet, it’s Sunday night, and of course you haven’t done a single thing.

I mean, to be fair, it was the weekend. You were with your roommates. You had a chill Friday night and planned to get stuff done on Saturday. Instead, you wake up at noon on Saturday, go to the gym, cook lunch, cook dinner, check all relevant social media sites, and then it’s time for the basketball game that you can’t miss. You drink a few beers at the game, and then your friends convince you to go out after the game. You meet a cute guy who buys you shot after shot and you let him, homework be damned! Then on Sunday, you wake up with a massive hangover and spend the rest of the day lying on the couch and asking your roommate why you took that 5th shot of Patron and watching Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family.

I didn’t pull this scenario out of thin air: This is my weekend about 80% of the time. So unfortunately, I am no stranger to procrastination. More unfortunately, I am great at it. I have Tumblr, Netflix, Hulu, my friends, and my iPhone to convince me that there are far more relevant things to do in life than focus on schoolwork. This usually means that I find myself sitting at my desk at midnight, class in nine hours, wondering why the hell I didn’t get started on this five page paper that could literally have been completed in two hours, two weeks ago.

Probably the reason that I am so excellent at procrastination is because it’s never stopped me before. I always get everything turned in on time, even if I am a little sleep deprived. But hey, I am not the only one. In my apartment of three, I don’t hold a candle to my roommates when it comes to procrastination. One of my roommates is in pharmacy school, so she’s pretty responsible. However, she’s excellent at studying for a scarily-named test (med chem, anyone?) in the span of 40 hours. She will literally get five hours of sleep over two days, but she always makes the grade. My other roommate holds a gold medal in procrastination. I have lost count of how many times she has turned papers in late, and yet she has never once been penalized for it. Four years, tons of professors, countless papers, assignments, online quizzes and she still has a shining GPA. I watch my roommates and I remember my stories and I can’t help thinking, “No wonder I procrastinate!”

There’s a very famous saying that went around my college freshman year: “Sleep, Social Life, Good Grades. Pick two. Welcome to college.” This could not be more true, and we procrastinate because we want it all. We’d rather choose fun over homework if we have high hopes that we can finish the homework later in the week. Sure, it might have been logical to actually get the homework done ahead of time, so you can have a stress- free social life, but where’s the fun in that?

So I say, keep procrastinating and have fun. College is only four years (hopefully) and they should be amazing. Have these life experiences and learn how to deal with deadlines now, because they’re not going anywhere. Trust me I know; while writing this article, I’ve been procrastinating on writing my senior thesis. So wish me luck!


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