Life, I’ve decided, is about pure and simple happiness

Life is always changing. Ebbing, flowing, creating, destroying, simplifying, complicating. We’re told to expect the unexpected, but generally just end up taking it for granted that ths only thing consistent is inconsistency. We complain and whine and vent, but continue on the same monotonous paths we’ve always been on. We ask for meaning and insist that there has got to be more to it than this. Life can’t just be about getting drunk, being a star student, making the most money or having the most prestigious job. Life, I’ve decided, is about pure and simple happiness.

Revolutionary, right?

We’ve been endowed with this right of pursing happiness, but who among us is actively searching? I know that I’m not. I’ve let myself stay stuck. To stay mad about my college situation. To question my life and my choices and who I am. Where is the happy in that place? It is far too fleeting and I haven’t been doing much to hang onto it.

Happiness, for me,  is in friends, relationships, sunshine, travel, newly printed books, the perfect day for driving with the windows down and the radio blasting. It is in a good hair day, in hard work, in getting the job you wanted or into the program you’ve been dreaming of. It is in the little and the big things — but the little things are overlooked and the big are overwhelming. We’d rather bitch about the unhappy, the things that don’t go our way and the mistakes we make. I’m over the bitching, the anger, the upset, the scowls. Bring on the joy, the peace, the smiles.

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to live in joy? I don’t think people deserve unhappiness. Sure, things will go wrong, and we will feel bad, it is inevitable. But why are we wallowing? I am done asking “why me?” and lamenting my seemingly disastrous circumstances. I’m stepping up. I’m calling myself out on all of my bullshit. I am going to claim my right to pursue happiness.

Why not? Its so simple. Life is not how much money I have or living to the expectations of others. Those things are unimportant. I am important. So I’m going to stop and admire the view, I’m going to blast that song that I love to sing along to. I am going to wear my hair how I please. I will laugh inappropriately. I will travel. I’m going to love. Make mistakes. Fail. Create. Try. I know that the weight of the misery I think I feel is nothing in comparison to the lightness of joy.

So the meaning of life, my life, is happiness. I’m going for it. Will you?


2 thoughts on “Life, I’ve decided, is about pure and simple happiness

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