Still Mad, Gossip Girl: The Inevitable Letdown of 100th Episodes

N-o n-o, Gossip Girl!

Well girls, it’s officially been ten days since I watched the hundredth episode of Gossip Girl. And guess what? I’m STILL upset about it.

This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, looking back on it, I should not have been expecting greatness. Maybe I shouldn’t have even watched the episode. But that’s just not me. I love TV. I watch it all the time. I have been in lust with countless series over the years that have hit one hundred episodes and they are always disappointing.

So, to prove my point, I have compiled a list of all TV shows that I have ever watched that have hit one hundred episodes. Through this meticulously laid- out table, you can see the facts: we want one thing to happen, and the writers do another.


Plot Up Until 100

Episode’s Big Selling Point

What the Audience Wanted to Happen

What Actually Happened

How the Show Changed Post- Episode

Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf is all set to marry her (actual) prince, but she makes it clear that she’s still in love with her reformed- badass former flame, Chuck Bass. Blair Waldorf’s wedding to the Prince of Monaco, Louis. Instead of Blair marrying Prince Louis, Blair should get whisked away by Chuck and ditch the wedding. Blair still married the prince, even though she made an impassioned speech about always loving Chuck. Then, it turns out that her prince is evil, so she runs away with her friend Dan (who she really has NO chemistry with). We’ll wait and see, but it’s not looking good for Chuck and Blair fans.


Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth head up one of the best crime teams in the world based in Washington DC. As a forensic anthropologist, Brennan is the brains and Booth is the sexy FBI agent. The viewers would have the unique opportunity to go back in time and see the first case that Booth and Brennan ever worked on together Booth and Brennan to get together! Their chemistry is amazing! The episode reveals that Booth and Brennan tried to get it on during their first case, and it didn’t work out. Booth and Brennan share a real- time kiss before Brennan tells Booth she can’t be with him. Eventually, Booth and Brennan did get it together, but it took another season and a half.

How I Met Your Mother

In the year 2030, Ted Mosby recounts to his children how his antics with his friends as 20-somethings in New York City led to him meeting their mother. A grand musical number, and Ted getting closer than ever to meeting “the Mother” … maybe even ACTUALLY meeting the mother?! The biggest plot obsession is who The Mother will actually be. Audiences were hopeful that Ted would actually meet The Mother in this episode. Ted met the Mother’s roommate, Cindy. The musical number was super good – no complaints there. It’s always great when Neil Patrick Harris sings. We’re now around episode 150 and The Mother is not any closer to being revealed.


Phoebe Buffay is acting as a surrogate for her brother and his wife, and is carrying triplets. Meanwhile, two of the friends – Monica and Chandler – are secretely hooking up. Phoebe would finally go into labor. Research tells me that most people were excited about the prospect of Monica and Chandler getting closer as a couple. Phoebe successfully delivered her brother’s triplets, but the episode was complicated when she entertained the idea of keeping one of them for herself. Phoebe’s brother’s triplets made occasional appearances for the rest of the hundred and thirty something episodes, and Monica and Chandler eventually married.

One Tree Hill

Lucas Scott is all set to marry his fiancée Lindsey but he can’t help but feel a mutual attraction to his high school love, Peyton. Meanwhile, estranged married-with-a-child couple Nathan and Haley are dealing with the emotional fallout from an obsessive nanny. Lucas Scott’s wedding to Lindsay, and a reappearance of the crazy nanny (Carrie) that drove Nathan and Haley apart. Lucas leaves Lindsay and runs away with his true love, Peyton. Nathan and Haley will finally reconcile, and heal the wounds opened by Carrie. Lucas did not get married to Lindsay, but did not run away with Peyton either. Carrie kidnapped Nathan and Haley’s son Jamie and tried to smuggle him out of town, but was stopped before she was successful. Lucas spent the rest of the season in a ‘left at the altar’ funk. Nathan and Haley dealt with the fallout of Jamie’s kidnapping and become a closer couple. Eventually, Lucas and Peyton did end up together, but it took until the end of the season.

As you can see, the hundredth episode of the show is pretty much guaranteed to do what the rest of the show generally does as well. They claim that there will be a “game-changing” moment, and allow trailers to make it appear that the audience’s dreams are about to come true. Typically, the audience is letdown after the episode’s end. However, it’s generally a sure thing that luck will change – at least a few seasons down the road – and what all the fans hoped for will actually finally happen.

I suppose the bright side to this somewhat dismal chart is the reassurance that the writers can’t hold out forever. Maybe I will check back in one or two seasons of Gossip Girl and Chuck and Blair will actually be together. But is it worth it? Should I really hold out for that perfect couple to get together if it means enduring many more episodes of frustration? Leave your advice for me in the comments below. Also, feel free to sound off if I missed a show. Does it follow the pattern I have found, or am I just following the most disappointing shows on the air?


One thought on “Still Mad, Gossip Girl: The Inevitable Letdown of 100th Episodes

  1. OKAY YES. This. I’m also still mad about the 30 Rock 100th episode, which was basically just 2 regular 30 Rock episode, and served to remind us only that Alec Baldwin is 300% of the enjoyable parts of that show.

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