What is this about?

In our actual responsible lives, we’re constantly being edited and censored, corrected and prodded, scolded and changed and made to feel wrong for how we think, act, look, or love. My hope is that Serving Tea to Friends will be a place away from that. I started this blog because I wanted to. I wanted a place to write about anything without feeling like I have to be ashamed of or apologize for what concerns me.

What are we going to write about here? I’m lucky to have a lot of talented friends who are excited about this project, so we’re going to write about whatever concerns them. That’s probably almost everything.

For my part, I’m looking forward to posting about writing, politics, and the weird things I find on sale at Target. I’m really interested in free speech legislation, but I’m also still really concerned that Zac Efron doesn’t sing on the soundtrack of High School Musical 1. Discussions on both of these issues will be welcome and encouraged here.

So what do you do? Read. Comment. Write, if you want. About anything. And know that I’m so grateful and flattered that you’re here, helping me in Serving Tea to Friends.


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